Teaching school group snow classes (“classes de neige”) requires a different approach from instructors to traditional ski instruction. They are required to not only teach the technical basics of alpine and cross country skiing but also to meet the teachers’ pedagogical objectives for the trip.

We are very open to the innovative concept of school snow classes. Les Contamines ESF instructors are specially trained for this purpose and are ready to assist you in designing your educational project. Our younger instructors have even undergone a “special environments” training unit as part of their curriculum.


The resort of Les Contamines has a Nordic park specially designed for teaching beginners.

We have found that children who start with cross country skiing, even for just one session, discover the essential notions of balance much faster.

These impressive results are due to the fact that cross country ski boots, being much more flexible, oblige beginner children to quickly find their natural balance.

If we compare the progress of two children, one having had his first session in cross country skiing and the other in downhill skiing the result is convincing.

We can provide you with storage space for your equipment at the teaching site.


Our instructors have state diplomas. They have taken specialised training courses, in particular UF named "milieu particulier" dedicated to teaching children in snow classes.

Les Contamines ESF has a licence issued by the DDCS, giving it the title of certified training structure. As a result it has the right to host trainees who teach under the supervision of a training counsellor.

In 2012 we had the responsibility for 18 trainees supervised by 17 training counsellors. Les Contamines ESF is registered under SK69F1126 with the Annecy (74) DDCS

In order to teach snow classes an additional authorisation must be obtained from the Haute Savoie school inspectorate.

We are therefore registered with this state agency. To facilitate the procedures in putting together your educational file you can visit the academy web site:

This part is of course the responsability of the snow class educational project organiser.

However, it seems essential that our instructors are adapting to this project. Through the ESF referent, it is possible to get the message that the project manager deems appropriate teaching.

This will guide the way in various directions. While remaining faithful to the technical requirements, instructors will address other topics:

Safety with applications in everyday life: a problem before thinking, anticipation, observation, analysis, and decision making.

Wildlife: Analysis of animal tracks and respect for the environment.
Flora: Impact of tourism on the environment and the balance between development and site preservation.
Technical: Ski lifts, their construction and safety criteria.
Social: Local life style, pluriactifs and agriculture.

This list of themes is not exhaustive. We are always open to suggestions.

Referent ski instructor

From this year Les Contamines ESF proposes the help of a referent to each snow class organiser.

The choice of referent instructor is based on his experience and his charisma.

On your arrival in resort will give you his name and contact number so that you can meet him and benefit from his help with the organisation of your stay.

His primary role is the technical organisation of the lessons but he is also there to advise you and ensure that the ski instructors with the group follow your educational project.

He can also provide you with local knowledge for your other activities (cultural visits etc)

Assistance in organizing your stay

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