tests & levels children


piou-piou club

  • Never skied before...

beginner class

  • I got my Piou-Piou badge or I am between 7 and 12 years old.
  • I know my ski equipment.
  • I can put on and take off my skis by myself.
  • I can use baby lifts.
  • I can control my speed and snake down in snowplough.
  • On varied but more or less flat ground I can use different ways for moving with my skis on.
  • I can ski straight down with my skis parallel and stop in snowplough.

snowflake class

  • I got my Teddy-bear.
  • I can control my speed and cross the fall line snowplough.
  • On a smooth gentle slope I am now well balanced when skiing faster with my skis parallel either traversing or straight downhill, on both skis or stepping from one to the other.
  • I can slow down and stop and I start skidding.

1rst star class

  • I got my snowflake.
  • I can link plough parallel turns taking into account the terrain, other skiers and the quality of the snow.
  • I am well balanced when traversing down gentle to moderate slopes.
  • I start side slipping (rounded and diagonal).

2nd star class

  • I got my 1rst star.
  • I can link advanced plough parallel turns (I cross the fall line with my skis already parallel and I use skidding for completing my turns) taking into account the terrain, other skiers and the quality of the snow.
  • I stay balanced when riding bumpy sections whether traversing or straight downhill.

3rd star class

  • I got my 2nd star.
  • I can link basic parallel turns of either short or long radiuses adapting my skiing to external elements such as terrain, other skiers, type of snow.
  • I am well balanced when shussing on varied terrain (bumps and troughs).
  • I improve my lateral balance by alternating side-slipping and straight-running while traversing (garlands).

Bronze star class

  • I got my 3rd star.
  • I refine my turns by skidding less.
  • Using shorts swings or long turns I adapt my skiing to external element such as other skiers, terrain, quality of snow.
  • I can keep my balance when shussing and taking off on whale-back bumps on a piste or on snowpark features.
  • I start skiing on all kinds of snow.

Gold star class

  • I got my bronze star.
  • I start practising all forms of Alpine skiing.
  • I can ski non stop on long runs and on all kinds of snow, taking into account external elements and observing the skiway code.
  • I can ski on a terrain park and ride features : skier cross, half pipe...


  • Chamois = Slalom Spécial
  • Flèche = Slalom Géant
  • Fusée = Descente
  • Saut
  • Skiercross
  • Freestyle (bosses, big air, half pipe …)